You introduce the 140 kg of professional bodybuilder Rich Piana. Rich Piana is known for spectacular body. You’ll be surprised to know that 27 years from rich are taking steroids. Rich had admitted it on its YouTube channel. Lifting the age of 11 are … Piana also began lifting weights at age 11. His mother was a bodybuilder. Piana they brought the field. Piana at the age of 15 to participate in the Compitisn began. From the age of 18 are taking steroids. They show that steroids every month at a time would cost about 2 million dollars. Now I own supplement line is launched. Piana is recently married to the tank Tuksedo.

Refuse to take steroids
However Piana others to refuse to take steroids. They show that breast enlargement, hair loss and acne problems like each other. We took steroids to hurt himself along with his body. But if you want to become a professional bodybuilder, you have to take steroids.