A 14-year-old in Delhi who had been on life support for over a month after she was allegedly raped repeatedly and forced to drink acid, died on Sunday in a tragic case that has been compared to the 2012 gang-rape and torture of the young student who came to be known as Nirbhaya. “How many Nirbhayas does Delhi want?” Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal questioned in a series of tweets on Sunday. The Dalit teenager, whose internal organs were severely damaged, died in hospital yesterday. Ms Maliwal demanded to know why the police had not arrested the accused. Ms Maliwal told: “The girl was fed a corrosive substance which completely destroyed her internal organs. She died a very painful death.” In a display of the politics that Ms Maliwal alleges has left women’s safety completely neglected in the capital, the police have claimed that the girl never complained about rape. The Delhi Commission for Women has alleged that the girl and her family were intimidated and pressured. The girl, the commission said, was kidnapped and raped in December and a complaint was filed against the accused, Shivshankar. In May, she was allegedly kidnapped again from her home just before a hearing on her rape case. When she was found on May 26, the commission says, she was bleeding from a head wound. She was allegedly kidnapped by the accused man’s aunt and raped by him “several times a day”; her hands and feet were tied and she was denied food. The two allegedly forced her to drink acid mixed in juice. The police have contradicted the account and said a medical examination will reveal the truth of the case. A senior police officer told NDTV the girl did go missing twice but both times, she retracted her rape claim. The accused was left off on bail in December only after she withdrew the rape charge, he claimed.