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The aircraft is the world’s largest cemetery. Desert of Arizona in Tucson is 2600 acres. Its size is equivalent to 1300 football fields. Thousands of military aircraft in the arsenal of the old generation is present. Bonyard known as the place is known as the graveyard of the aircraft. Bonyard Warsk aircraft bomb from the cargo lifter, a 10 Thnderbolts, Hercules and F-14 Tomcat fighters, many aircraft are fighters. Buy aircraft from another country …
US Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group’s 309 th aircraft arriving planes to fly and makes repairs. Microsoft via satellite once it was released a few photos. The three parts of the coverage was shown Bonyard dashed. Was launched in 2005, when satellite imagery software, then this place has remained a subject of curiosity for Google Earth users. However, now more than ever it via satellite photographs can be seen.
Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona in the present 35 billion dollars (2157 billion) by saving the old aircraft parts are kept intact. It is home to nearly 4,400 aircraft. However, the cemetery is a steel-half lakh goods. Engines, ammunition, wiring and other parts from electronics repaired planes meet at the lowest price. The US government and used parts from other countries to buy the aircraft is exempted.