The Structure Of The BodyAbby and Brittany are the famous pair of conjoined twins and have inspired
millions of people across the world with their dedication and courage.TwinDesigner drugMuscle
contractionCancerAnal cancerOvarian cancer.It has been an extremely difficult journey. Not only they had
to learn things like walking and crawling, but also they had to learn coordination with each
other.TwinHeartBrittanyStomachLungCrawling (human)At the age of 16, they allowed TLC to enter into
their home to record a documentary which was later made into a TV show!
Coordinated Efforts
TwinHeartBrittanyStomachLungCrawling (human)Driving Hurdles
TwinHeartBrittanyStomachLungCrawling (human)Both twins had to pass the written and practical tests for
driving twice. While Abby controls everything on the right of the driver’s seat, Brittany controls
everything on the left.

Personality Clashes
TwinHeartBrittanyStomachLungCrawling (human)They both have extremely different personalities which are very well visible from their clothes!

Educational Qualification
Both Abby and Brittany have studied in Bethel University and got their major in Education.

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