Md Baba Qureshi, when brought to the Osmania General Hospital (OGH) was completely in his conscious state and the total cost of surgery incurred would be approximately around 1 lakh, but it was done free of cost by the hospital.

Doctors of the hospital said that the complete surgery was performed by the neurosurgery department after CT scan and X-ray revealed the injury caused to boy.

Interestingly, the hook was removed with out causing effect to eyeball and brain of the patient.

Thus the metal was removed by the doctors carefully and prevented the chances of infections, brain stroke and disabilities to the boy.

The surgery was conducted by the Dr Premjit Ray, HOD Neurosurgery and Dr Venu Gopal, assistant professor of Neurosurgery along with Dr Shivani, assistant professor of Anaesthesia, with the support of superintendent Dr GVS Murthy and nursing and paramedical staff.