American country of Argentina in Buenos Aires city, people are becoming victims of the worst drug. The poor are the poor Paco name drug called cocaine. A photographer for 12 years has shown that boys are more vulnerable to it.
Italian photographer Vlerio Bispuri Slms Buenos Aires and other places visited the clicked photos. He is prepared from Paco burnt cocaine. It is blended with many harmful chemicals. So many times the rat poison is also found. According to reports, the drug seems to show its impact in 30 seconds and up to 50 times more powerful than it could be cocaine.
Illegal is prepared in local labs. Paco circulation is growing rapidly in the nearby areas. The photographer said he Buenos Aires, Brazil, Pragve, Peru and Colombia photos of the people in some parts of Paco addicts. With the help of an NGO, they got a chance to go to the place where it is produced.