Mouni Roy always left us happy with her sightings on the red carpet. She is a self-confessed shopaholic but more importantly, is blessed with an innate sense of style. She can rock a lehenga and gown with equal flair. The gorgeous diva wore a golden gown at the ITA Awards 2016 and we could not help but notice how different she looked in all her red carpet appearances this year. Of course, credit must go to her stylist and make-up artistes for doing such a great job on the pretty lady but Mouni’s transformations will make many wonder how much some deft strokes of the makeup brushes can actually achieve…Take a look at these snaps and you will know what we are saying..

This is a snap from the 2003 Global Indian Film and TV Awards. The actress must be in her early 20s then or even younger. Mouni’s dressing sense is evident even then. Check out the printed tube dress and metallic over-sized clutch. Since then, she has become a lot more toned and fuller.
Mouni Roy at 2003 Global Indian Film and TV Awards

The snap above is pretty old and our face changes as we grow older. A number of people look prettier when they hit their prime than in their younger days. However, she has evolved dramatically since a couple of years. Have a look at this snap from this Easter party in 2014. Mouni looks damn chic in a white and black maxi dress with red lip stick adding a pop of colour. Those arched eyebrows with winged eye-liner is a favourite look of the actress. It has remained the same over the years.
Mouni Roy at 2014 Easter Party

This is a snap from the Life Ok Annual Screen Awards party in 2014. Mouni with her embellished off-shoulder gown and wispy top knot was every inch a diva then, as she is now. The lady looks younger (obviously!) and lovely with a natural charm.
Mouni Roy at Life Ok’s 2014 Annual Screen Awards

She loves to play around with her looks and how. The lady again opted for a top knot and a tube gown at the ITA Awards in 2014. Adding a dose of Indianness was the golden jhumkas. Her Naagin look is considered as the modern ultimate of desi glamour and that definitely has these jhumkas.
Mouni Roy at red carpet of ITA Awards 2014

This is one of our favourites from the lady’s red carpet outings ever. The Naagin actress rocks the separates in the lovely hues of pink and blue. Devoid of any accessories whatsoever, she just wears the dress with a long fishtail braid with a slight puff.
Mouni Roy at Pride Gallantry Awards 2015

The year 2015 was a huge one for the actress. She got chosen to play the role of Shivanya in Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin and became one of the best known faces in the country. Sexy, mysterious and alluring, Mouni gave life to Shivanya and established herself as one sexy diva. She also upped her glamour game. Her look in this red gown with a diamond necklace spells retro glam.
Mouni Roy at the Television Style Awards 2015

Now, we come to 2016 when the real transformations started. Mouni not only oozed oomph but also managed to look radically different at every red carpet outing. From the style awards of a publication to the IIFA Awards, we saw a new Mouni every time. You don’t believe us. Just see these snaps…
Mouni at Colors Annual Bash in March 2016

At the HT Style Awards, Mouni looked so different from her appearance at the Television Style Awards. The lady looked sharper in this black dress with sleek middle parting (a favourite!) and deadly smokey eyes.
Mouni Roy at ITA Awards 2016 in November

We are sure that there are many who are curious to know how she manages to do this all the time. We know that she takes care to dress well but we will not able anyone if they say that she looks radically different from what she did in 2014 or even last year. Do you agree with us? Post your comments in the box below…