Worldwide there are many things within just 60 seconds. Not even be able to have our eye on some of these. Maybe you do not know but just 60 seconds in US debt of over 2 million increase. Today we are going to tell you is that the same 11 facts in .60 seconds …
List 25, Bjfeed websites on the Internet, including the many things happen in the world within 60 seconds. The one minute 18 children die of hunger is.
Bedbugs in your bed at night, every minute you are approached, the 48-inch.
Will put in as much time as you read this line 5 times as many in the earthquake will have arrived. Many of them do not even realize that 15 children are born with defects in the rough.
In the world of 160 people are killed within 1 minute.
Nike (Nike) brand Havoc makes a profit of Rs 24 lakh in 60 seconds.
We used to take 55 thousand barrels of oil.
Common human eye can blink 12 times in 1 minute on average.
Lightning strikes the earth 360 times in the next 60 seconds.
96 million tons of water every second sense is transpire.
60 seconds at 4500 McD burgers are eaten all over the world.