Beautifully measure is different. If someone does a beautiful red-haired blonde girls. There are a few girls who all look beautiful. These girls also won the title of International level beauty and glory to our country sites. Here we are going to tell you about those countries whose beauty contest wins and the most beautiful girls are considered. The country has won the most titles in the heart …
No. 1 on the list are Venezuela. There are beautiful women of this land. The country has won the title 21 of the beauty contest. 7 Miss Universe, Miss World, 6, 7, Miss International, Miss Earth title 2 are brought to this country girls. 40 of the country’s girls are Rnrsap.
The US is in second place, has 14 beauty titles to its name. The United States so far 8 Miss Universe, Miss World 3, 3 won the Miss International crown. 55 Rnrsap are also from here.
So far, 12 have been won by the girls of the Philippines Beauty contact. There are 3 Miss Universe, Miss World 1, 5 Miss International, Miss Earth title 3 of this country have just brought the girls. 21 Rnrsap are also daughters of the land.
Puerto Rico
The country’s 8 titles. As well as 11 of the country are also Rnrsap. 5. The name of the country in the Miss Universe, Miss World 1, 2 Miss International titles.
India is the name of 8 titles. The women are considered beautiful. 2 Miss Universe India girls so far, 5 Miss World, has won the title of Miss Earth 1. The girls are in the 15 Rnrsap.
United Kingdom / England
England name 8 titles. The girls also are considered beautiful. 5 Miss World and Miss International title in England are 3. There are 20 girls here in Rnrsap.
Australia is Rnrsap to 21 with 7 titles. The girls 2 Miss Universe, Miss World and three Miss International titles 2.
Sweden’s girls are 6 title. 3 women of this land have become Miss World and Miss Universe 3 times. 14 Rnrsap girls here are too.
Brazil 6 titles. 35 Rnrsap women of this land is in. 2 Miss Universe, Miss International, 1, 1, Miss World, Miss Earth 2 titles. Germany
Germany 5 Crown and 14 Rnrsap titles. 2 Miss World, Miss Universe 1, 2 international titles.

Colombian girls are brought 5 Crown title. The 21 girls are also Rnrsap. 2 Miss Universe and Miss International 3 are here.