Blue are in prison several prisoners who are recognized to improve, but there are a few jails, the criminals go where soul is trembling. The identified vandalism and cruelty. Society has become a serious threat to the criminals are sent here, where they are tortured in different ways. Prisoners are sometimes even death. Read the world’s 10 most violent prison inmates and their story …
1. Karandiru Penitentiari, Brazil
– Deadly prison and is considered the world’s most Voylent. Then it came into limelight in 1992, when there were 102 prisoners were killed in a violent incident. Since then it became a prison and dangerous, but when the couple met in 5 HIV-positive prisoners.
2 . Tadmore military prison, Palmyra, Syria
At first no one wants criminals in the jail, so if it becomes difficult for him to spend the day. Syrian President Hafiz al-Assad in 1980, the attack on the Muslim Brotherhood, then the president of the attack to the face of Tadmor ordered prisoners to leave. The prison was closed in 2001, but in 2011 it was Riopan.
Iii. La Sbaneta jail, Venezuela
It is extremely violent and dangerous criminals in prison is recognized for. Blue 15 thousand prisoners in this prison can live comfortably, but the present 25 thousand inmates. As a result, at times violent clashes between prisoners occurs together. Once the 108 prisoners were killed in internecine quarrels. Please tell the guard 1 150 prisoners are kept.
Iv. Diyarbakir, Turkey

The prison is also known for its inhumane conditions. Fight between guards and prisoners often have police here. Between police and prisoners in 1996 was fiercely beaten. 10 prisoners died in the incident and 23 were injured. Most of the prison inmates who are afraid to go inside.
5. La Snte prison, Paris, France
The prison is considered extremely cruel. Toughness can be gauged from the fact that many prisoners here until now have suicide. The 124 prisoners committed suicide in 1999. Violence in prison so that prisoners are kept out four hours.
Vi. ADX-Florence Suprmaks facility, Kolarado, USA
The prison was built for dangerous criminals, which he alone was kept in captivity. However, the jailed prisoners, filed a lawsuit in 2012, then showed plenty of prisoners inside the prison had been beaten and was abused.
7. Alkatraj Island Prison, San Francisco, California
Alkatraj Island located in California history’s most dangerous prisoners are held in the prison. The most famous of these was America’s most feared gangster Al “Scarface” Capone. However, many other criminals were also jailed. Please tell him that the prison was notorious for its violence. For this reason it was closed March 21, 1963.
8. Rikars Island Prison, New York
One of the world’s toughest prisons, where beatings and killings were common among inmates. However, significantly improving the work done in prison. Later it came to be regarded as one of the world’s most strict prison.
9. Bang Kwang Prison, Bangkok
Thailand located in Bangkok is due to the prison torture deli. Do not want to be here any prisoner. The cells are made small enough for prisoners. Moreover, the execution of prisoners jailed just 2 hours before the news of their killing is.
10. San Khuantin prison, US
California’s oldest prison for inhuman activities and between prisoners assault is known for. Racial violence in 2006 occurred more than 100 prisoners in the jail were injured.