A rose for rose! Rose tattoos are immensely popular among girls. They depict love, passion, and other human emotions. Having a rose on your body can have different meaning and it’s feminine too. Check BeautyGlimpse’ list of ten unique rose tattoos…

1. Thorny Roses on your side-body – Rose, rose buds and artistic thorns on the side of stomach… flaunt your curves in style with this rose tattoo.






2. Couple of roses for your feet – Looking for a permanent adornment for your feet? This rosy pair will be a delight for you. In the colors of black and white, this rose tattoo is quite striking.

3. Rose and MOM tattoo – Get inked in hues of red and flaunt your love for your mom. This exquisite Rose and Mom tattoo is unique, beautiful and full of emotions.


4.  A rose tattoo for your lower back-  Cheryl Cole’s floral tattoo looks seductive. a floral tattoo on your lower back will give a sexy look to your curvy joint. Get a single rose or make it more beautiful by adorning it with attractive black motifs.




5. Cute rose on your shoulder – Wear an off-shoulder dress to show-off this lovely tattoo on your shoulder. Colored in red and adorned with green leaves, this rose is simply striking.
6. Bold Angelic rose – Go bold with this angelic tattoo. Ink it at your shoulder or arm, this tattoo will look attractive everywhere.

7. Blue Rose tattoo – You are not only a softer female. You know how to protest for your rights. Bring the rebellion inside you out with this pulsating blue rose tattoo.





8. Rose and Skull together– If goth look tempts you, this skull and rose tattoo is the design for you. Though, it is little scary but this tattoo design gives voice to bold women tattoos.

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9. A pretty rose on your forearm – Having a colorful tattoo on forearm is on the wishlist of many of us. But, have you decided about the design? This lovely full-bloomed rose with green leaves would look really attractive.

10. Red rose with red butterfly– How about bringing two most beautiful creations of nature together? Rose with butterfly is a great feminine combination. This beautiful tattoo will go perfectly with your gorgeous personality.