Colorful and sweet-scented plants in the very name of our brain comes care of flowering plants. But there are some plants you can significantly harm the life. Planted a sapling in your home in the rainy season, so be sure to check the list of course once. The plant is highly poisonous …
This plant is a deadly plant quite famous. The pitcher plant is known. Pitcher pitcher plant so called because it looks like its body. Colorful body that attract insects and birds. Once the plants come to attract the insect and plant these fall into the pit. Special enzymes birds and insects that fall out of the plant’s body and they die throat.
Dolls Eyes
Dolls Eyes name of this plant is the white part of it is fruit. This view looks like the eye of the doll. It is beautiful to see the plant is extremely dangerous to humans. Barry change in the plant’s leaves and flowers. It is extremely dangerous due to toxic Barryj.
Angel Trmpit
Angel Trumpet looking like your name looks like in the jug. It is found Scopolemin. This poisonous plant Peralisis and, with breathing problem can even cause death.
Castor Plant
This plant is considered to be the most deadly. It grows very fast. It is extremely poisonous plant. The seeds of this plant are poisonous worst. This eating diarrhea, abdominal pain, blood pressure problems as well as being man’s death may also occur.
Common bladder
Common bladder is a deadly plant. It is harmful to human beings as well as animals.
Names like it Olender plant Garden plant spreads quickly. The sharp smell of the flowers. Because there have been several deaths. 2002 had many reports. The plant was the cause of death was reported.
Suicide Tree
Variety of tree is found two suicide. The plant is grown in Kerala Indian Variety. The seeds of this plant is extremely Jrheela. It is found cardio toxic.
Venus Plaitrep
Venus Flaitrep deadly plant. Its leaves attracts insects. As the worms reach the leaves are closed leaves.
Western Water Hemlock
It is North America’s most deadly plant. It is born in the wet area. Its fragrance is very good. It brings the scent of animal smell. It came after 15 minutes leads to the death of animals and birds.
White Snake Root
White Snake is North America’s most poisonous plant. It is generated in the plant open Gound. The last 200 years have proven harmful to humans. Most animals eat the plant.