In today’s rat-race, most of us miss out on the regular visits to the salon, which eventually takes a toll on our beauty needs. While makeup and styling save the day to some extent, yet they are unable to suffice in the long run. The vast array of beauty products and their promotional propaganda also baffles us much, making it difficult to choose what to use, and whom to consult in case of doubt. To address the same, we consulted Neeta, senior stylist at the Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty salon, Mumbai.
Be aware of your ‘change threshold’ before asking for that unique makeover: Be sure of how long or short you want your locks to be, and how thin you can afford to keep your eyebrows. Instead of regretting later, discuss the possible outcomes with your stylist and let him advise you the best.
Trust your stylist: Believe him when he says that this particular hairstyle or facial won’t suit you. Being a professional, he knows a lot better about skin types and hair styles than you do. The only triumph for any stylist is a satisfied client. So, if you think that your stylist is unable to give you the desired service, stop visiting him altogether. It is better than complaining all the time.
Do not comb your hair when wet: Combing those wet locks is a strict ‘NO’. Our hair is loose and soft at the roots when wet, and if combed, it comes out easily. So if you are not looking out for unnecessary hair fall, please stay away from combing your hair right after washing it. Here’s how you can comb your hair the right way.
Shampooing and spa tips: For chemically treated hair, use a sulphate-free shampoo and don’t forget to apply serum after shampooing. If you have frizzy hair, use a hydrating shampoo. It helps prevent hair damage. If you have dry and straightened hair, treat yourself to a hair spa at least once in 15 days. For frizzy hair, avoid steam treatment. Here’s how you can give yourself a hair spa at home.
Be transparent to your stylist: For gaining optimum results of your desired service, it is crucial to be honest with your stylist. Let him know if you have used that cheap box dye, or that local bleaching product that left marks on your skin. The better your stylist knows your hair/skin history, the better he can serve you.
Be realistic about your expectations: Before fishing out that photograph of Deepika Padukone or Aishwarya Rai from your wallet, know this that you are NOT either. The service that you seek is inspired by the results that they portray, however, you do not have access to top-notch professionals round the clock or a tailor-made environment to maintain the same. Thus, tell your stylist what you seek and let him bring out the unique individuality in you at its best.
Budget and time hassles: Stylists all over the globe recommend that one should figure out his or her budget before booking the appointment. And once the salon quotes its price, it should be respected. Cribbing about the prices only demeans the effort that your stylist puts in to beautify you. Also, make sure you have enough time in hand to get your desired service. Never ask your stylist to hurry up!
Colouring your hair and lightening it are not the same: In fact, they are opposite processes. ‘Colouring’ your hair darker, or to a different shade about the same color level, involves depositing color molecules into the hair shaft. Lightening it (‘highlighting,’ ‘blonding,’ and ‘frosting’) is the process of removing the melanin (colour molecules) from your hair, causing it to look lighter (blonder) or if all the color molecules are removed, white/platinum. Keep these points in mind before colouring your hair.
Get rid of dull skin: Most of us keep complaining about having dull skin that looks lifeless. Experts recommend exfoliating the skin at least twice a week to get a clearer complexion and smoother skin. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen all year round. Use gel based sunscreen for oily skin.
A healthy diet is the key to being beautiful: Simply being beautiful is not enough; you should also know how to maintain and retain it to the best of your capacity. The best way to do this according to experts is a balanced diet consisting of ample amount of proteins, vitamins and fiber. Eat more greens and fruits to get that healthy glow. Keep yourself well-hydrated.
Lastly, recommend to others if you like the service. And don’t forget to tip him, it won’t cost you a fortune. Here’s to being beautiful, ladies!
Image source: Shutterstock (Image used for representational purpose only)