India seems so much easier when you ban something gets its information. But perhaps you would know about such things, which are banned in many countries of the world, but in India is easily sold. Here’s some of the things we are told about the ban on Here’s Lifebuoy soap ….
1 – Lifebuoy soap in the US ban
Lifebuoy soap Dllde are sold in India and a significant use for bathers, but the US has imposed this ban. The investigation found that it is not good for human skin. Food and Drug Administration said the manufacturer had failed to prove that it is more effective than ordinary soap.
2. Redbull
Redbull energy drink was banned in France and Denmark. Lithuania is still below 18 years of age to drink it is banned. Problems Hart, depression, hyper tension etc. can increase.
Disprin 3-
It failed in global standards and is banned in many countries of America and Europe. Even this year, the Delhi government also banned, but in other states it is not readily available because of the ban. This tablet platelets reduces the human body. The Delhi government has imposed a ban on Disprin, but is sold in several states.
4- Prestisaid
64 pesticides in international markets (Mainly Carbaryl, Malathion, Acephate, Dimethoate, Chlorpyrifos, Lindane, Quinalphos, Phosphomidon, Carbandizm, Captan, Tridamorph, Practilachlor, 2.4-D and Glyphosate etc) are restricted. Pesticides in use in India is still many.
5- samosa
Samosa is banned in Somalia. The credit goes to Alsbab jihadist terrorist organization. Alsbab saying in their controlled areas have banned samosas that is similar to the symbols of Christianity.

6- Kinder chocolate
Colorful Egg-case coming Kinder chocolate in the US restrictions. It is considered harmful to eat. It comes in a case the size of the egg, her children may be at risk.
7- Tata Nano
Due to its low prices started circulating in the auto world, but the Global NCAP independent crash test conducted by it has failed. This means that the car can be a serious threat to life. It is banned in many countries, but in India it is easy to get.
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 8-
One of the best-selling cars of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has also failed safety standards. Many countries have banned its sale, but in India it is a lot popular. Every year a large number of the car is sold.
9 D-Cold Total
This medicine is also very popular in India, but is banned in Vidson. Typically this is a cold-cold tablet without doctor’s advice is to take it. Eating it serious kidney problems may occur.
10 Nimulid
In India is a common pain killer, which is being used a lot, but the US, Australia, Canada, is banned in many countries, including Britain. It is harmful to the liver.