There are many things in our life that we see every day but do not know the reason behind ever find. So, today we are going to tell our daily life connected to the 10 facts. Coins to keep these small pockets of jeans are not …

We all understand that there are whole life in a small pockets of jeans are just to keep coins. But let me tell you that this theory is wrong-standing childhood. Indeed, these pockets during the 19th Century and the Gold Miners’ Pocket Watch to Kaubyoj was formed.
Why are jeans these buttons?

Jeans were worn by most workers in the past. While working to get ripped jeans pocket was a common problem. These buttons are to strengthen these pockets.
Why get these extra fabric with new clothing?

Through the extra fabric that we can test these new clothes detergent on how to react. Therefore, the extra fabric to wash new clothes before washing should.
Why are these extra holes in shoes?

Sometimes we are confused why some shoes are made in the extra holes? Let me tell you that they have no connection with shoe laces. Indeed, they are made for ventilation holes in shoes. The legs are in the air is coming.
Why are the holes in the bottom of the tape?

Taking the measure of something does not slip tape, screws or nails it trapped in these holes can use.
These holes in the handle of the saucepan Why?

A hole in the handle of the saucepan for some other reason than to hang him is made. Indeed, the cooking spoon to cook can also use it.
The letters F and J contain tiny keyboard lines?

10 finger typing index finger has to keep us on these two letters. With the help of these small lines without our fingers on the keyboard are back saw.
Wings are made on the power cable Why Apple?

Cable wire surrounding the thick part of the cable wrap on all sides of the thin portion of these wings would enfold. The wings are very helpful in keeping the wire Secure.
Why is the dot next to the iPhone’s camera?

The dot Indeed, there is a microphone. Use back camera, you can use the microphone.
Until today we were wrongly been eating Tic Tac

We remained in the bottle cap open eat Tic Tac. To date, we knew that it is designed to seal the container. But actually this is because a time is allowed to come out in just a tic tac.