We all know that Russia is the largest country in the world. Its borders are connected with many countries. But there are many things that are yet to know. So, today we are going to tell you 10 facts related to Russia, you will be amazed by reading these. This means death to stand for 1 hour by the lake …
Russia’s Karachay lake is the world’s most poisonous lake, around which even a person dies. It just means death to stand for 1 hour. Indeed, from the lakeside The Production Association named Mayank was a nuclear plant. Many of these people fell victim to the deadly disease like cancer. However, most babies born Abnorml has created. 65 per cent of the village due to waves emanating from the plant were skin related diseases.
Surprisingly, until 1990, was that the plant was not privy to. People were dying, but some could not be traced. However, the government has acted against the company in 2003 and it stopped. But the lake water so poisoned

Orange colored snow had started falling

Orange and light yellow color in Siberia in 2007, suddenly began to snow. Did not understand the cause of anyone hiding behind it. However, many people would say that it was caused by pollution.
These prisons are fiery guard dog
Russia’s dangerous prisons as massive Caucasian Shepherd guard dogs are kept.
The diamonds are in place billions

3½ million years ago in Siberia became a pit is said about billions diamonds are trapped inside. These precious diamonds are hidden in the pit, the building is from meteorites falling from the sky.
After so many temptations Pepsi started business in Russia

Pepsi Products, a company for the country destroyers, cruisers and 17 submarines were a gift. Pepsi then started business in Russia.

The number of women than men
90 million more women than men in Russia.
People can run military weapons and vehicles Miltry

Patriot Park in Russia no one in military weapons and vehicles, including the tanker, could run.
When the bottle of vodka was replaced by 6 months salary
During 1998 the Russian government was plunged into debt. This is because the salaries were not teachers in the Republic of Altai. 6 month money replacing these teachers were given a bottle of vodka, 15.
Russia is bigger than Pluto
4 million square kilometers larger than Pluto is actually Russian.
Oil bears are P
Russian bears like jet fuel so that they are unconscious, they drink.