When Rekha starred in and as ‘Umrao Jaan’ in the Muzaffar Ali classic film, there was hardly anybody who could resist her charm and grace. While the visuals date back to 35 years, Rekha magically manages to look as graceful, elegant and beautiful as back then. Although Rekha has taken a voluntary retirement from professional acting (except for her last film ‘Super Nani’), she does make regular appearances at public and Bollywood events to cast her spell.

Born in 1954, Rekha started her career as a child artist in a Telegu film. Born to Tamil legend Gemini
Ganesan, Rekha showed keen interest in cinema and gained rapid strides therein. In Hindi cinema,
she rose stupendously and was known for her feminine style and performances.
Rekha has always stood out for her style and class. While she did experiment with her looks in the
early days, she later gracefully shifted to a league of her own when she embedded her cultural identity
into her sartorial choices. Rekha fell in love with saris and saris loved her back. Almost always spotted
in six-yard wonders, Rekha dresses up beautifully and manages to defy age. As a matter of fact, it often
seems that Rekha stopped aging beyond a point.
While we would hardly find anybody who would disagree with Rekha’s ageless self, we offer proof in
pictures to drive our point. Swipe to check out…