pops up when you go to the hills. Did you know that these beautiful temples situated on hills of 10 devis’ are special for reasons that you did not know?
1. Kanak Durga Temple (Andhra Pradesh)
It is one of the most famous temples of devis in hinduism, situated in Vijaywada this temple is near the banks of river krishna on the top of a hill. It is the second biggest temple in Andhra Pradesh.
It is said that Arjuna carried out an austerity here to get blessings from Lord Shiva. It is also a belief that the idol in the temple appeared one day on its own!
2. Tara devi, HP

This temple is situated on a hill named Tara devi in shimla, while it is surrounded by lush green valleys it is also one of the most beautiful temples in shimla. The idol of the devi is from West bengal and the temple is about 250 years old.
3.Chamundeshwari Temple, Karnataka

Situated on the Chamundi Hill, it is one of the most beuatiful attractions in mysore. The temple has huge silver doorways and gold idols.

The temple was built in 12th century. The temple complex also consists of a 16 foot statue of Mahishasur which is one of the most attractive part of the temple complex.
4. Mansa Devi, UK

The temple is situated on the shivalik hill and is one of the most famous temples of haridwar. The thing for which the temple is famous for is that if you have a wish you want to come true, there is a holy tree where you can ask for your wish and tie a thread to it. Once it is done, you open the thread. It is said that if you wish for something there, it becomes true.
5. Adhar Devi, Rajasthan

A temple of goddess Durga, this temple is situated on the top of mount abu hill. To reach the temple, one has to climb 365 stairs to the top.

It is also a belief that if someone believes and prays with a pure heart to the devi, then he/she can see devi in the clouds just above the hill.
6. Bamleshwari Temple, Chattisgarh

The temple is situated on the top of the hill which is about 1600 ft above the sea level in dhongargarh.

The name Dhongarhgarh is derived from two words ‘dhong’ and garh. Dhong meaning hill and garh meaning ‘area’. To reach to the top of the hill, one has to climb 1100 stairs.

7. Sapshringi Temple, Maharashtra

With an idol more than 10 feet long, this temple is situated on the top of vaani hill.The idol has 18 arms with different shashtras in each hand. To reach to the top, one has to reach 500 stairs.
8. Tara Tarini temple, Odisha

It is one of the most important temples in India as it has four of the shaktipeeths in each corner of the temple. It is dedicated to goddess Tara and tarini. To reach to the top, one has to climb 999 stairs!

9. Sharda Mata Temple, MP

Situated on the Trikuta hill, it is located at the very heart of India in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the shaktipeeths in India, it is a belief that Sati’s Necklace fell here. To reach the top, one has to 1063 stairs. The devi is called ‘meher wali mata’ because sati’s necklace fell here.

10. Vaishno Devi, Jammu

The temple is situated near katra on trikuta hill of J&K. The temple has three pindis in the cave where the temple is situated. Every year many devotees come to visit the temple as it is one of the most famous temples in north india. The temple is situated on 5300 ft above the sea level.