Punjabi jutti designs are an ode to the beautiful you. Think of fashion infused with Indian essence, and you’ll find a changing trend every then and now. Punjabi traditional footwear is one of the most appealing fashion staples that is being liked by many for its design, style and uniqueness. Although encouraged by Indian crowned heads over 400 years ago, this footwear has undergone tremendous changes so as to imbibe the local styles.



If Punjab and its culture signified beautifully by anything, then it’s the punjabi jutti that’s popular as the queen of footwear. From young to old, this footwear adorns the feet of almost everyone and gives them a sensation of walking like in the clouds, while they wear it!




Talk of today’s trends, and you’ll find bespoke hand embroidered latest punjabi jutti designs available in oodles of colours. If you wanna get a royal look with a flair of modernism, this is the right footwear to look for. In case you are looking for the latest Punjabi jutti for women, then consider these top 11 designs



If you’re bored of walking around in heels, give this highly beautiful pair of Punjabi jutti a try. While the leather make will ensure your feet get utmost comfort, the stunningly beautiful design of peacock feathers will add to your signature style. You can pair them with your favourite outfit or denims to supplement your look with classiness.



For urban women, it’s surely a chic pick. Black never goes out of fashion be it footwear or an outfit. The hand embroidery on the front of the jutti will give you a unique appearance. The detailed thread work on the edges adds to its aesthetic appeal that when teamed up with an ethnic wear will accentuate your gorgeousness. Salwar Kurta is the best traditional outfit that you can pair this Punjabi jutti with.



Royal blue Punjabi jutti fashioned from high-quality leather with silver lining and work is sure to up your style quotient. Pair it with a silk ethnic wear and get ready to be the center of attraction in any get together. This stunning pair goes well with both traditional and fashionable salwar kameez. It’s simple and elegant look is what will make you step into it at every special day.

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