We all know that stars get so icky about their homes and their décor. Be it a bachelor’s pad or a family home or an opulent villa, stars are always
very involved when it comes to doing up their havens the right way. More recently, Hrithik Roshan got his house done up by popular architect and
interior decorator Ashiesh Shah. Ashiesh had also decorated Katrina Kaif’s house recently.
Located at third floor of Prime Beach building at Juhu, Mumbai, Hrithik’s pretty casa overlooks the Arabian Sea. Hrithik got in touch with Shah after
he saw Katrina Kaif’s beautiful house, which was also done up by none other than Hrithik himself.
This is what the architect revealed, “Hrithik called me and said he’d seen Katrina Kaif’s new home in Bandra (which I’d done) and loved it. He said
he wanted that vibe too. I got to work. We went about part by part, we did a few changes, we reoriented a few things and then we started working
on the lifestyle aspect… How he would actually live in the space.”
He added, “We needed the space to function differently at different times… to go from bachelor pad to family home. So when the children are not
around he could use it to entertain friends and when the kids are around it becomes a family home. So it had to function as a fully-equipped home
but still have that independent bachelor studio feel. To balance that, we needed to work on lending a duality to the space. That’s why we have a lot
of moveable elements. So you can pull down the screen in the den when you want to watch a movie and at other times, it’s a graffiti wall. It has
automations which have been designed to suit different moods. For example, it has lighting at different levels. From the ground-level lighting to the
mid-level. I prefer during evenings to keep it lit at a ground-level zone.”
Check out the beautiful Casa.