The bedroom is the most coveted place of the house, as it is where you head to after a tiring day’s work. So it is imperative that you add some style to it. However, if you think spending tonnes of cash is the only way you can spruce it up, think again. You can inject style and comfort into it even on a budget. Before you start, make sure you know what you want your room to look like -quaint, fancy, rustic, colourful or peaceful. Once that is taken care of, use these 10 affordable ideas to create a one-of-a-kind bedroom:
– Use fairy lights on a window or mirror to give the room a dreamy effect.
– Put sheer curtains on all sides of your bed to give it a romantic touch
– Traditional wall hangings, tools and rugs can give your room a warm feel
– Use a curtain rod to hang a traditional Jaipur bedsheet or colourful curtains above your bed.
– Paint a section of the wall in a diferent dark colour, and use it to dis play your photographs and other memorabilia. You can even highlight a certain shelf.
– Use your painting skills, and create a mural on one of the walls or the door.
– Use colourful kites to liven up your room. Stick them up on the ceiling to add character.
– De-clutter your room and hang a couple of inexpensive paper light balls on one side to make it look spacious.
– Place a big bunch of faux flowers on your bedside table to give it a touch of freshness.
– If you put up a big picture of a land scape -say, waterfalls, mountains or open pastures -it will make you feel close to nature and give you a sense of calm.