10 Most Haunted Places of the country

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Many buildings in India, which ghosts or spirits linger in the news is. However, how these things are true, it can not be said. But these places do not like to be alone for fear no one. So today we ‘Most Haunted Places “series of the 10 most haunted places in the country are going to tell. As soon as the ban on entry of those dark …
BhanGarh Fort (Rajasthan) in -rajsthan BhanGarh the fort in the country is considered to be the most haunted. The government also tourists leave here before dark, has warned. People believe that a long time ago, there lived a beautiful princess Rtnawati lot of name, which was an occultist who has done black magic. Then the princess subdue his physical abuse and psychic, but due to an accident that killed a Tantric. It is said that still linger in the fortress that is the soul of the occult.

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