These 10 famous models were not born at the time of the girl, to know the truth behind

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Carmen Carrera of America is a well-known model. Hottest models as they are known. Carrera was a few years ago he made the shocking revelation. He said that he was not the first girl, but was transgender. He later became a woman through sex transition. Today we are going to tell you about something similar and the first transgender models, but the woman was making sex change. Important thing is that all of these models were also quite famous. Eye on the individual response to disclose …
Carrera has 28 years and competes fairly in the American reality show. Fans know them for glamorous figure. So when he revealed himself to be transgender faced them so many responses. However, he believes that he liked to tell the truth about yourself. Carrera has appeared on the cover of many famous manganese.


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