Different parts of the world there are many such strange things about which there is surprise. Rivers and bizarre creatures exist anywhere, no place in the discussion because of their peculiar environment remains. The world of today we are going to tell about some of the springs, which appeal to people because of their uniqueness. If any of these visions of the fire escape from a blood. A fall from a height of a thousand feet in a sea. Flames emanating from the spring …
The waterfall falls from mountain 1560 feet high, Captain. Winter and spring seasons drift it gets faster. In the last two weeks of February it takes to change the color waterfall. This Horstel Fall Fire Fall turns. As soon as night falls, it turns red. Saw it, it seems like the fire is out.

Cameron Falls in Canada is Alberta. When you see the waterfalls in June it will be available in pink color. The reason is a special type of material Agreelait, which is released into the water. So, when sunlight falls on it, it appears pink in color.

Antarctica’s Dry Valley is a 5-story building as big as the red waterfall, who seems as if the bleeding. Indeed, due to the fall of the water oxygen red, ice and the Chemical Reaction of Iron. Fall is also known by the name of the blood.