Intelligence agencies in different countries around the world are such that their country has been willing to do anything for the sake of security. The enemy countries are trying to eliminate all the dreams and are ready to rebuff them. 10 of the top agencies in the world today, we are going to tell you about. Pakistani intelligence agency at the forefront …
ISI, Pakistan
Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI (Inter-Services-Intelligence) is the world’s number one intelligence agency. Crime News Established in 1948, the US media world’s best and most powerful intelligence agency ISI is considered. Its headquarters is in Islamabad pike A Sohravardi. However, the day came at the ISI has been accused of promoting terrorism. Several terrorist attacks in India is said to be in the hands of agents of the ISI.
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), USA
The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was set up in 1947. Its headquarters is located in Virginia near Washington. The US is not only the most capable in the world and is considered the strongest. Three agencies of the CIA in the US NSA, DIA and the FBI, but the work of the CIA cyber crime, including terrorism, is to collect information from abroad. In 2013, the Washington Post said the CIA spy agency was the highest budget.
MI6, Britain
The third most powerful intelligence agency in the world and is considered dangerous. Blue is one of the oldest MI6 intelligence agencies was established in 1909, but in 1994, before the world came to exist. MI6 about the work of terrorists is to obtain information from the country’s interior and exterior.
Federal Security Services (FSB), Russia
Russia’s main intelligence agency, the Federal Security Services (FSB) is fourth. The installation took place on April 12, 1995, headquartered in Moscow. Nearly two and a half million members of the FSB, the FSB intelligence matters than keep a keen eye on border affairs.
Biandi, Germany
Biandi (Bndesnarkitendist) Federal Intelligence Service, the German federal intelligence agency, which was established before World War II. Thousands million operating budget, the agency is using sophisticated technology to spy. The agency’s main task is to protect the country from internal and external threats. Its headquarters is in Pulac near Munich.
Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India
India’s external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the world’s sixth most powerful spy agency has been considered. It was founded in 1968, is headquartered in Delhi. The USP of the agency is not accountable to anyone other than the Prime Minister of India. RAW foreign affairs, criminals, terrorists, has full information about. Intelligence Bureau (IB) works for the security of the country. Together, these two agencies have foiled several major terrorist attacks. Raw, the then army chief Gen Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan Chief of Staff Lt Gen Mohammad Aziz managed to tape a conversation. After the tape was proven that it was the role of Pakistan in Kargil.
Dijisi (Direction générale de la Security), France
Dijisi world’s seventh most powerful intelligence agency (Direction General de la Security), France. The agency claims that so far 15 terrorist attacks in France on the strength of their intelligence is prevented.
Asais, Australia
Australian Secret Intelligence Service (Asais) Australia’s intelligence agency. It was founded on 13 May 1952, whose headquarters is located in Canberra, Australia. Its job is to protect and promote the interests of Australia. Asais job is to collect the information required from abroad. Compare this to the US intelligence agency CIA and MI-6 is the UK.
MSS, China
MSS (Ministry of State Security), China’s largest intelligence agency, whose headquarters is near China’s Ministry of Home Affairs. The work of the intelligence agency, like other countries, but to protect the country from the political works. It was founded in 1983.
MOSSAD, Israel
Israel’s intelligence agency MOSSAD intelligence agencies of the world is one of the best, which was 1949. Its director reports directly to the Prime Minister. MOSSAD mainly anti-terrorist incidents and Secret Operations undertakes carries the objective is to protect the country.