America is the world’s most powerful country, but is also dominated by criminals. There are many criminals who commit crimes in public, but it is not under arrest. These criminals have beset US police. US Agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has also failed to catch them. So, today, we are there to tell you about most wanted criminals, who have joined the FBI top 10 list. So these are the top 10 criminals …

Mogilevich Semian

Semian Mogilevich is a resident of Ukraine the Russian mafia. Born June 30, 1946 The man in the top 10 list of America’s most wanted criminals involved. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has issued a notice in the many cases in which arms trafficking, murder, extortion, drug trafficking and prostitution are crimes like. Into crime don Semyon it is known. Semian Economics graduate, too.
Yasser Abdel Sayed

Yasser Abdel Said, born in Egypt, is one of the world’s top 10 criminals. It is charged with the murder of his two daughters. Born on January 27, 1957 It is said that in the US green card for Yasser Tissi Patricia had married a woman called. After marriage, Patricia said Yasser gives foul with assaulting her. His daughters before killing Yasser against religion being said, my daughters and boyfriend, move along. Then Yasser shot his two daughters. Amina and Sarah before the death of his father on several serious charges made Yasser. Sarah told her friends that my father treated me like a whore. The FBI is still out of the grip of Yasser. Yasser December 19, 2013. The FBI added him to the 10 most dangerous criminals Ferraris.
Robert William Fisher

Robert William Fisher, born in Brooklyn, New York on arson, serious cases such as murder. Despite all efforts, the FBI was not able to catch it. The man’s wife and two children in the family, who live in Scottsdale, Arizona province. The man the US FBI kept a list of the top 10 offenders.
Jason Derek Brown

Jason Derek Brown in the US state of Arizona over the murder, robbery and unlawful flight cases. The FBI said the man entered the top 10 list of offenders is Ferrari.
Glen Stewart Godwin
America’s Top 10 list of escaped convicts, including Glen Stewart Godwin. It was a life sentence in a murder case, but keeping it in its place another person fled the prison. The murder, escaped from prison such cases.
Alexis Flores
Alexis Flores over the murder, kidnapping and illegal fly such cases. Honders hails from the North American country. The FBI has announced a reward of Rs 6 crore 35 lakh.
Eduardo Ravelo
Azteca America is the head of the criminal gang barrio Eduardo Ravelo. The assault and intimidation, conspiracy, such as drug trafficking cases. But US police could not arrest him. FBI’s Top 10 list also included.
Fidel Urbina
FBI’s list of America’s top ten offenders in 2012 was named Fidel Urbina. The murder, kidnapping, unlawful flight and sexual harassment cases, but the man still is out of police custody. FBI information about the 6 million who have announced a reward of Rs 35 lakh.
William Bradford Bishop
American Foreign Services Officer William Bradford Bishop 5 members of his own family is murder. This person is absconding since the murder. FBI’s Top Ten in 2014, the US bishops named in the list of offenders put Ferrari.
Victor Manual Gerena
Frarion FBI’s list includes Victor Gerena manually. Over 6 million was declared a reward of Rs 35 lakh. Victor over the bank robbery, illegal fly, serious crime, such as theft are recorded. It is also one of America’s top ten escaped convicts.