Worldwide July 11 World Population Day is celebrated as. On the occasion, today we are going to tell the world about 10 countries whose populations are much lower. Some of these countries, some countries, such as your neighborhood are like small towns. However, you probably will not know about these countries. So, today the world’s most sparsely populated telling about 10 countries live in this country, only 840 people …
Vatican City (Vatican City): 840 people

Yes, the Vatican is a country. It is only 0.44 square kilometers. Every year 50 million tourists. Rome around the Vatican. The Pope’s largest evangelical pastor live here.
Tuwalu (Tuvalu): 10,012 people

The country is spread over 26 square kilometers. 1,100 tourists come every year. Due to the geographical location of the water in the sea level rise will become the country’s first drowning.
Nauru (Nauru): 10,294 people

It is the world’s smallest democratic country. The country is spread over 21 square kilometers. 90 per cent of the population do not have a job. Nauru Phosphate Corporation is the largest company. Here are just two hotels and cyber cafes 1-2. Only 200 tourists come here every year to visit. About 95 per cent of the population is the victim of over-weight.
Palau (Palau): 21,312 people

The countries beeches, fishing hobby and is dependent on the US. 1,09,000 tourists come every year. The Rock Island are worth seeing. People come to these places for diving Speshli.
San Marino (San Marino): 32,193 people

This country is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. It also has the oldest democracy. 1,56,000 tourists come here every year. It can be seen from the whole of Italy.
Monaco (Monaco): 37,605 people

The world’s most densely populated (densely populated) is a country. Monaco Formula One race is less space in the city. People here are very rich, they have all sorts of expensive-expensive cars in the world. 295 000 tourists come here every year. The unemployment rate is the lowest in the world.
Laitenstin (Liechtenstein): 37,782 people

The monarchy still runs. The unemployment rate is the lowest since Monaco. It is one of two countries in the world, which is double Landlokd. That means the two countries to reach the sea from the land would have to cross. Even more than the population of the registered companies. Russia, Italy and Colombia, the country is a haven for money laundering.
Marshall Islands (Marshall Islands): 54,527 people

67 nuclear tests between 1946 and 1958. The United States did the same here. Named Castle Bravo was here that the world’s largest nuclear test. More than 1,000 species of fish and more than 250 are found coral.
St. Kitts and Nevis (Saint Kitts and Nevis): 55,952 people

It is America’s smallest and least populated country. Its area is 261 square kilometers.
Dominica (Dominica): 72,746 people
Christopher Columbus was the name of this country Dominica. Columbus saw it Sunday, which in Latin is called Dominica. 73,000 tourists visit every year.