Today, the medical world has developed well. Thickest cure is found. So, if we say that some nations in the world where people are able to live more than 50 years. Today we are going to tell you about these 10 countries. Never take life-threatening illness, and sometimes murder …

Today, the only way to significantly reduce the disease is not treated. The world is one of the poorest countries in Central Africa. Let me tell you that people here get to live more than 46 years. Indeed, the people of this country, malaria, HIV / AIDS and life-threatening diseases such as measles are surrounded by. This is because of his early death. Whose life is saved from diseases, they can not escape from the crime spread. Murder rate is much higher in Central Africa. Because of this there is also a long life of its people.
The countries affected by war
Afghanistan is suffering from a long war. Still considered dangerous to be here. Adults over 47 years in this country live it.
One of the world’s poorest countries

Political Violence in Chad has been facing for a long time innermost. The country is considered one of the world’s poorest countries. Corruption in the country is on the top. Most people get to live here more than 48 years.
The long life of the people is not rich in natural resources
Democratic Republic of Congo is Africa’s second largest country. However, the countries in terms of natural resources, infrastructure and political instability because of the rich but the people able to live more than 48 years.
In this country, more than half of HIV-positive women
Lesotho is a small country. The total population is 20 million. Outbreaks of HIV in this country is very much. More than half of the country, women suffer from the disease. 46-year life of the average person in this country has won.
More than half the HIV-positive adult

Swajiland small country located in South Africa which is growing slowly. But medical care is quite bad. HIV and TB are infected, most of the adult. People over 47 years of life to live it.
Doctors just 5 for 1 million people
Guinea-Bissau is a small country located in West Africa. The country is discredited because of his bad health records. Over a million people have only 5 doctors. 10 percent population of the country are suffering from malaria and cholera. The average life of 47 years.
Takes the lives of people in poverty and disease Jimbanbe

Well Jimbanbe quite rich in terms of natural resources. There is far more violence in this country. The Health Unit is also quite useless. Plague, cholera and HIV because those lives are forfeit. 46 years is the average life of its people.
The devastation caused by war and disease

Sierra leone small country located in Africa. By 2002, the country was reeling from civil war. During that time, about 50 thousand people were killed. After barely improved condition. But the country was hit by Ebola. 46 years is the age of the people in this country.
Medical Care, 70 percent of people suffer due to the negligence of Life

Never Prospers Zambia was among countries. But because of the growing poverty of the people had been wasted life. Medical care in this country today, things are bad. People live here because it is not more than 47 years.