While the nations of the world to strengthen themselves with lethal weapons, raising the number of troops are expanding. However, several other countries, which have their own army is not only to protect themselves. In the event of an attack, these countries are dependent on the help of the police or other countries. Even if you be surprised to learn, but this is the truth. Today we are going to tell you about these 10 countries is not even 54 years after Hankajadi Force …

1. Samoa
Samoa had been released from slavery in New Zealand in 1962, but 54 years after independence, he is not an army. New Zealand, according to a 1962 treaty assured his safety if needed. However, the police force, including military force, but he does not like nor army can defend the country. Please tell the country’s total area is 2842 square kilometers.
2. Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands is a group of islands, which until 1893 was in the custody of the UK and around the country, there was no army. Second World War, the British Solomon Islands Defense Force formed. Later, in 1976 became the first government in the Solomon Islands, but in 1998 there was stability. From 1998 to 2006 the land dispute within the government, suffered from crime and ethnic conflict. Having made peace, together with New Zealand and Australia. Solomon Islands police have just posted today. This means providing security against Australia pays. So, if there is a war, then Australia is the only country, which helps it. Please tell the 400 square kilometers Its total area is 28 thousand.
3. Costa Rica
Costa Rica also ranks in the list of countries, whose own military is not. Indeed, the Costa Rican Civil War over 2,000 people were killed, then president of Costa Rica in the December 1, 1948 Josh Ferrer Figurs army was abolished. Even today, in the field with maintaining law and order, security and the other duty Border Patrol is in the hands of local police. However, under an agreement signed in 1947 in the event of war, the US, Chile and Costa Rica with 21 countries, including Cuba’s military help. Please tell the 100 square kilometers Its total area is 51 thousand.
4. Andora
Located in Europe, making it the country in 1278. Andorra does not have its own army, but when required Spain and France to give him protection. Apart from these two countries to NATO forces when required Andora aid. Andorra covers an area of 467.6 square kilometers and its ski resort is known for its duty-free shops. It is also considered a tax haven for savers. Andora police are trained in rescue operations. Another important thing is the necessary condition for being admitted to the police is- ‘You have to be a weapon. ”
5. Grenada
Grenada has experienced US military attack, despite their own military is not. The attack led to a power struggle between the military and the government was. At that time, the country’s prime minister was Bishop Maurik. After the attack, the country became fully democratic. It still is not today own army, the Royal Grenada Police Force handles all conditions. In the wake of the Regional Security System Grenada, Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lukia, Barbuda, St. Vincent and the watches for help. Its total area is 348.5 square kilometers to tell.
6. Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands in 1983, received the status of an independent country. It included part of Micronesia and Palau said. But in spite of the country, near the Marshall Islands is not your army. Moreover, according to an agreement to free these three countries are considered part of the American state. So, if someone attacks on the island, he would compete directly with the US military. Its total area is 181.4 square kilometers to tell.
7. Lictenstain
The country is in the list of countries which do not feel the need to force. Austro-Prussian War (1868), after the country had prepared his army, but it was abolished due to higher expenses, because the country was not in a position to bear the costs. In the absence of a police force handles security and law and order. However, the security of this country is at the eye of the Swiss military. As a reminder, the total area of 160 square kilometers.
8. Nauru
Nauru in the Pacific Ocean is one of the smallest countries of the world, its area is only 21.10 square kilometers. For this reason the army is not here, but is the responsibility of police in charge of security. However, if needed, to help this country with Australia also provides equipment protection. Its total area is 21 square kilometers to tell.
9. Vatican City
Vatican City, is one of the world’s smallest. The country has an area of 0.44 square kilometers and a population of 840. It is located in Rome, capital of Italy, which is close to Italy because of its security responsibilities. Here are just a Swiss guards, whose job is to protect the Pope and his castle. Gendarmerie Corps here, too, but they can not be called military. The police just Vetikl City law, security, traffic control and handles the task of investigating criminal activities. Its total area is 44 hectares to tell.
10. Palau
Palau also has its own army. The country is dependent on the police force for the security of its citizens. In the event of such an attack comes in the first Americans to help him. Under an agreement signed in 1983, US military aid to Palau is in every situation. Its total area is 465.6 square kilometers to tell.