Wherever you go these days you vacation stay, you will only see a crowd of people. UN World Tourism Organisation said in a report that the US 2016 people in France and are the favorite spot for vacationers. The report, he 10 countries referred to, which is quite beautiful, but very few tourists prefer to go Hanksunhre middle These countries are not the ones in the list of …
Tuvalu (1 thousand tourists)
Tuvalu in the South Pacific island known for its beautiful beeches. But the UN World Tourism Organisation report released by the space tourists least favorite places on top of. Only 1 thousand tourists came here in 2015. The Island is less congestion on the roads. The Island is not an army of some kind of security, but the crime rate is very low. Now you may wonder why tourists do not come to such a beautiful place? Indeed, most people do not know about the island, hence much less make it to tourists.


Kiribati (5 thousand tourists)

Pacific Ocean at the Equator during the short space of British rule was known as the Gilbert Islands. 5 hours away from Hawaii to Kiribati island is worth visiting. The locals were unfamiliar with the outside world for a long time. He coconut, fruits and fish eating relied. If you want to celebrate the holidays in this place besides the bike and boat barefoot can also enjoy this place Khukhubsurti. Island of Tuvalu, like many people are not even aware of this island. This is because this place is behind in terms of tourists.
Montssert (7 thousand tourists)

The island in the Lesser Island North America was once famous tourist destination. But in 1989, Hurricane Hugo devastated the island was 90 percent. Kasar rest bursted volcano completed in 1995. As a result, very few tourists come here now. But all the people come here, have become convinced of the beauty.
São Tomé and Prinsipi (8 thousand tourists)

If you have to perform a calm and relaxed place full on holidays, then the second smallest country in Africa São Tomé and is the best option for you Prinsipi. In addition to the rain forest of old-fashioned buildings and beautiful beach resort you will really like. Besides whales and dolphins living in the two Volkanik Bumps like the tourists come.
Comoros (15 thousand tourists)

Island in the Indian Ocean between Africa and the beauty of this collection is nirali. Forest, beautiful volcanic peaks, away from the hustle and bustle is a chance to spend some quiet moments.
Sierra Leone (24 thousand tourists)

Colorful home, national parks and beautiful beach full of tourists used to come to this country at a time significantly. Tourist Place responsible for the declining number of people in the African Ebola disease. Between 2014 and 2015 the number of tourists coming here has been much reduced. WHO is now visiting the country declared Ebola free. Hopefully, it will increase the number of people here.

Timor-Laste (60 thousand tourists)

For those who like adventure, this country is good enough for them. Besides mountain and forest takes a lot of people can buy in the local market. But the arrival of tourists is the main reason of the crime rate.
Liktonstin (61 thousand tourists)

6th smallest country in the world to know a lot about. The country is situated between Switzerland and Austria in Europe. The population is also significantly reduced. For winter as well as summer holiday this place is pretty good in terms of.
Anguilla (71 thousand tourists)

The beautiful Anguilla Island in Puerto Rico, the more expensive, too. The country is now for the rich Best Tourist Place.
San Marino (75 thousand tourists)

Europe still people information about San Marino. Visited country to country in Europe is the second lowest. High-high towers, walls and churches increase the beauty of this place. The place looks very beautiful when viewed from a height. However, in this country are far less tourists.