wide about 1 million 53 thousand people a day die. Some of these people have been in an accident, there is a natural death. However, some deaths are extremely unusual way, about which everyone is surprised to learn. This package involving 10 deaths today we are told about the strange cases. When the robotic arm, making the cause of death …
If someone’s hand is not the doctors who gives her robotic arm. This life is much easier. But what a robotic arm that can cause death? You will say, of course not. But the case has come to light, when a robotic arm of a man who worked in the factory were killed. The man’s name was Robert Williams. The case is 1979. Robert was working in a factory, then his head fell on the robotic arm. Robert was killed in the incident.
No lifeguards had saved lives
What can be the death of someone because of lifeguards? Probably not, but in New Orleans in 1985, a man named Jerome Moody died drowned because of the Life Guards. It is said that the first time was a season when there was not someone drowned. The party was to celebrate the Life Guards, and died when Jerome began sinking. Life Guards were oblivious of the fact.
Life of a heart attack and went into acting
Actor Gareth Jones’s death was due to heart attack. TV shows are told that they were acting for a heart attack patient. They are so entrenched in their character in the real heart attack has come.
Cow fell from the roof and took the life
Jaao Maria D’Souza’s death in 2013 was ridiculous manner. Indeed, a cow on the roof above them fell and was killed in the incident João.
Choose seeing death
What gift could cause the death of someone? Probably not, but it was a case came before 620 BC. It is said that a gift given him a lot of friends of Athenian Lomekr Draco, could not afford to get to happiness and died.
Soup injection
Ilda Victor died in 2012 Maciyl medicine was injected instead of soup.
Medicines instead ate mercury
Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang believed that a pill can make them long life. But when he took a bullet, he was mercury, which died.
Death Cockroach Eating
Cockroach Eating Competition in 2012 over the death of Edward Archbold was eating cockroaches.
Death caused by hair
Hans Steningr was killed in 1567, were a result of his long hair. Is said to be on their feet and they wobble fallen hair, which broke his neck and died.
Chicken leg tied knife death
In 2011, a man named Jose Luis Ochoa died of knife wounds. It is said that the community fight for the roosters cock his leg was tied knife and stabbed himself dead.