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Safety without a mountain to climb if you are prompted to do so, you refused. But did it have an Australian daredevils. The man’s name is Mitch Kimetr the safety of France’s 1000 feet high cliff without climbing Ga.fir BASE jumping from the …
Mitch climbed the mountain without security there also BASE jumping, which was his dream. Austrian Daredevil known as Mitch said, I’ve been thinking about it for several years, but took a long time to muster the courage to be honest, and then moved up the courage to cross the Verdon Gorge cliff.
He crossed the cliff without safety equipment and I dream of Besjnping completed. With the physical safety of the reef without Chdhte mental strength is important, because if there is one thing in mind what will fall. But that did not happen with me. My friend was with me for my photographs. Please tell by a slight slip could have killed Mitch.