Mecca Saudi Arabia in Mecca, a religious of the Well-to Jmjm well. It is very holy place and the well is about 4,000 years old. Ibrahim’s son says that once was quite thirsty and was dying for water, when the water came out of the ground. Every year millions of people who come for Hajj must come to the well to fetch water from the water there.Let illegal to sell ..
According to Saudi law, it is illegal to sell well water, even though water is sold in other countries Jmjm fake. Before the use of ropes with a bucket of water from the well was removed. But now the motor pump has been thought. 8,000 liters of water comes out of it in 1 second. Water pump water from different places of the mosque is delivered. Where the faithful take over water easily.
The well, about 30 meters deep and its diameter from 1.08 to 2.66 km long. The water is clean enough to be considered and it is no color and no smell. Scientific reports The pH is 8.0 to 7.9. However, this is typical of well being for thousands of years despite never dry. The water does not get any organism or plant.