A man is dead, and another severely injured, after both were pinned in two separate worksite accidents on Thursday—within an hour of each other. The first accident, at a dam near Burlington, saw a 64-year-old man trapped for over two hours after a concrete slab fell on him. He’d been inspecting a privately-owned dam with another worker at Progreston Falls, near Flamborough.

“At one point, when they were down there, it looks like a portion of the concrete sheered away from the wall, trapping the worker,” said fire safety officer David Christopher.

Emergency crews were called to the site, at 1390 Progreston Rd, around 11 a.m. They found the worker at the base of the seven-metre-high dam trapped from the thighs down, under a slab Christopher guessed was “a few thousand pounds, at least.”

Struggling on wet, uneven ground, emergency crews tried stabilizing the slab, to no avail. A team of surgeons was later called to the scene—a last resort, should amputating the worker’s legs be the rescuers’ last option.

Thankfully, it wasn’t—a crane eventually lifted the slab clear of the worker. He was freed around 1:30 p.m., ORNGE confirmed, and flown to Hamilton General Hospital with “significant injuries.”

Locals stood and watched the rescue unfold.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” said Christine Nicholson of the worker. “I can’t imagine what he’s going through.”