Worldwide there are several metals, which are quite expensive. These diamond, gold, platinum metals such as we are about. But you are aware of a metal, the price of 1 gram of which 312 500 billion rupees (Rs 3,125 billion) is more than. At this price, you can buy the smaller countries of the world. Here is how it works … Metal
According to NASA, the Earth Antimatter is the most expensive metal. 1 mg to 250 million rupees takes Antimatter. Where it is formed, the world’s best security system in place. Not only institutions such as NASA, it is to keep a strong security cordon. Among certain people can not access any of antimatter. Interestingly, the use of antimatter in space flights to other planets may be as fuel. Please tell the world half a kilometer from many of the smaller countries of the area is in the middle of hundred kilometers. So in these countries can be bought for so much money from the rest.