Police have charged a man with endangering life after allegedly firing shots at a home in Adelaide twice on the same day, just a day before police announced an extension of the 2015 firearms amnesty.

Police were called to the Para Hills home yesterday afternoon after a number of shots were fired, and found bullet holes in the property.

They were called back later that night to the same property, with reports three more shots had been fired.

A 36-year-old man was arrested at a home at Craigmore, and a loaded rifle was seized.

He was refused bail and is expected to appear at the Elizabeth Magistrates’ Court today.

The man’s arrest comes as police claimed 2,635 unregistered, illegal or unwanted firearms since the amnesty began on December 1 last year.

Superintendent Kym Hand said more firearms owners would be expected to hand in their firearms.

“The surrender of 2635 firearms in just six months is a significant response.  Participating firearms dealers have been involved in an Amnesty for the first time and have accepted 824 firearms,” she said.

“That response indicates extra time will give more owners the opportunity to clear out firearms, accessories and ammunition, without fear of prosecution for having unregistered or unlicensed firearms and assist to keep them out of the hands of criminals.”

Police reinforced the message to hand in guns that weren’t needed or used, as the ease of doing so at local police stations was increased with the amnesty.

“Now’s the time – don’t get left with illegal or unregistered firearms and face tough penalties of up to $50,000 or imprisonment for up to ten years,” Superintendent Hand said.