On one hand, people have developed well, but on the other hand, would continue even after hundreds of years, many bizarre practices. These practices have nothing to do with science. Today we are going to tell about a similar tradition in which women are over quite tortured. Stones are heated by firing Chest …
Women’s chest hair
Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa, in parts of the breast of women with hot stones are iron. So to prevent women from seeking breast size is large. Local people say that this little guy will focus on the women to read and write and he also may be. Many mothers are willing to do their own daughter.
Remove full Claitoris
Sabini tribe of Uganda, a tradition in which women’s private parts in the whole body or a part of the Claitoris is removed. The logic is that if the process is to afford women the difficulties of life he will even fight. In the process, women also are at risk of infection.
Circumcised women
Dawoodi Bohra community of Shia Muslims in India and Pakistan, women are circumcised. The population of this community lives in Mumbai. The women have to go through much pain and care of their hygiene is not maintained.
The teeth on the blade scratch
Mentavans Tribe women of Sumatra, traditionally run on the teeth blade. The hygiene is not maintained and they can also take care of the pain during the process. To do this, they erode the teeth more beautiful it will recognize that men and women will be more happy.
Nude women and beat
Brazil and parts of the tradition in which Uawpej Nude women are beaten on the streets. By then, it is not until they are unconscious. This practice is associated with the mentality to keep women down.
By kidnap Dkion marriage right
Romany gypsy tradition under which such a peculiar right to kidnap the girls are considered. Here are the girls hostage 3-4 days and can then marry her with the hostage.
Breast, back and stomach tattoo extension
Pragve and girls in Brazil Breast, stomach and back tattoos are created in large numbers. However, it has to be girlie and not forced. The idea that the guy that girls will like more.
When the girl before marriage and forced feeding fat
Muritania lot of young girls before the wedding dinner is forcibly fed. Indeed, there is considered a symbol of good fortune is that fat girls marry. Because people do not mind the girls Anheldi feed 16 thousand calories a day, the food is given to girls. Many times as the poor results they have to be sick for a long time.